Every business needs a strong social media presence. And guess what?

If you’re a content writer, you are a business! It’s important for you to use the right social media platform to promote yourself and your services.

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is assuming each social media platform is the same. Each platform comes with its own set of rules and guidelines.

In addition to that, there are special features that each platform has to help content writers advertise themselves.

Before choosing which platform is best for your content marketing needs, let’s find out what you actually need.

What You Want In A Social Media Platform

No matter what social media platform you use, you want a platform that can:

  • Help you establish your brand
  • Connect you with your target audience
  • Make you more relatable to your target audience
  • Promote your content in an authentic way.

The platform that can give you all of these things is your best bet.

Here are some of the top social media platforms for content writers.


For content writers who want a more professional feel to their brand, LinkedIn is the best platform.

There are so many features that LinkedIn provides that content writers can use to their advantage. A few of these key features are:

  • Featured posts. This is a great feature that can help spotlight your writing samples to potential clients.
  • LinkedIn Courses. As a content writer, you always want to show that you’re continuing to learn about your craft. Taking LinkedIn courses is a great way to earn certifications and learn new skills.
  • Networking groups. LinkedIn is also a great platform for networking and generating leads. Professionals from all industries have a LinkedIn profile and are always looking to connect with others in their fields. You can request an invite to different groups based on your niche or interests.

Speaking from personal experience, LinkedIn has been helpful in connecting me with my clients. It’s a great tool that content writers can use to help network themselves and showcase their work.


There’s a reason why Facebook is still one of the longest social media platforms standing. It provides so much value for business owners – especially content writers.

One of the best benefits that comes with Facebook is advertising. Facebook ads are a great way to promote your page and content.

And just like LinkedIn, there are different groups that you can join on Facebook based on your niche and interests. Joining these groups can help you network and introduce yourself to a greater audience.

But there’s another unique advantage that comes with using Facebook. You get to add a personal touch to your marketing. Unlike LinkedIn, you have the ability to add personal photos and other interesting things about yourself to your profile.

Showing this information can help make you more relatable to your audience.


Another platform that can help with adding a personal touch? Instagram!

Don’t let the platform’s visual appeal fool you. In fact, that’s what makes the platform stand out among other platforms.

Writers can make their content more visually appealing for their followers. And speaking of followers, writers have the opportunity to connect to a larger audience.

According to Bandwatch, Instagram has 1 billion active users, with at least 60% of users logging in daily. That’s a great range of people to engage with every day.

Another great benefit that Instagram can give to content writers is the potential for growth. Because Instagram’s users are so active, you can remain connected to your current audience while being introduced to more people.

Different tags can also be used to help with your branding and even connect you to different communities.


Another great visual platform for content writers is Pinterest.

Some of Pinterest’s greatest strengths include:

  • Pins. Pins are a great tool for content writers to repurpose their content. The use of images and videos can help writers establish their personal brand and advertise themselves.
  • Home Feed. This is the part of your profile where you’ll find different pins, creators, and other businesses based on your interests. In addition to this feature, you’ll have the option of finding other ideas or pins through a search bar.
  • Marketing analytics. You’re also able to view different analytics from your profile page. These analytics can give you insight into the performance of each of your pins.

Each one of these features can help writers make better marketing decisions.


Finally, Medium is another great platform for writers. This platform services writers at various stages.

Medium is equipped with several features, including the Partner Program. This program allows writers to be paid for the content that they produce.

Just like Pinterest, Medium allows writers to view their content’s analytics. Writers can gain so much information from these analytics, including:

  • The number of readers who have read your content
  • The time that your readers have spent reading your content
  • The subjects that interest your readers.

With these analytics, you can improve the content that you create for your target audience. This can make it easier for you to cater to your readers’ needs.

Final Thoughts

The type of platform you use to promote your written content matters. Whatever platform you use, you want one that will help establish your brand, connect you with your target audience, and add a personal touch to your marketing.

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