My Writing Methods

These are the two methods I use to make the best written content for my clients:

Content Writing Method

I use this method to write engaging and SEO-friendly blog posts. These blog posts can help increase your website’s traffic and build your credibility.

I start with asking my client about the goals they want to accomplish with their written content. I also ask about the interests of their target audience.

Next I create a Content Document that includes the following information:

  • Keywords to include in the article/blog post
  • An outline of the key points I want to address in the article/blog post
  • Internal/external links that will be included in the article/blog post
  • Images or infographics

After the Content Doc is created, I use it to write the content.

Document Creation Method

Just like my Content Writing Method, I start by asking my client about their desired goal for their copy.

I also ask about their brand voice and additional information about their target audience.

I then create a Copy Document that contains the following information:

  • The business’s brand voice
  • The business’s tone guide
  • Headlines for the copy
  • Body (written copy for the piece)
  • CTAs (calls-to-action).

Retainer Services

My retainer services include the following:

A la carte Services:

Content Writing Services:

  • Articles (1,000 words): $75 per project
  • Blog posts (1,000 words): $75 per project
  • Script Writing: $ 30 an hour

Document Creation Services:

  • Creative Brief: $75 per brief
  • Instruction Manuals: $75 per project
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): $75 per project

Proofreading Services

  • Manuscript proofreading: $30 an hour
  • Script proofreading: $30 an hour

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