Marketing is hard.

Well, not as hard as rocket science. But it can feel like it if you’re not prepared.

You’ve invested so much time and money into your business. It would suck to invest that much time and money only to be ignored online.

It’s safe to say that marketing online and offline are totally different beasts. And to tame those beasts, you need different strategies.

 Even though you’re passionate about your business, you may not care about marketing. And that’s okay.

That’s what a digital marketer is for. They can care about your business’s marketing for you.

What’s A Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is a writer who creates content and copy for a variety of online platforms.

You’ve probably heard the terms content writers and copywriters. These are examples of digital marketers.

Digital marketers can help scale your business in so many ways. Think of the many online tools you use to promote your business.

Aside from social media, you have blog posts, newsletters, emails, and an entire website.

Digital marketers can publish all of these types of content for you. Even better, they can help create a strategy for your digital marketing that can take your business to the next level.

How can a digital marketer help grow your business? Let’s find out with the ABC’s of digital marketing.


Raise your hand if you want to waste time finding out what works for your marketing.


Even though business is trial and error, you want to save as much time as possible for the important things.

You don’t want to spend so much time on outdated marketing strategies.

Digital marketers can help create marketing strategies that are consistent and relevant for your business.

They can assist with email marketing, pay-per-click ads and digital ads that your customers will come across.


It’s not until you start a business that you start to understand the importance of branding.

Creating a consistent brand is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. It makes it easier for you to connect with your customers and helps you stand out for the right reasons.

When you’re new to marketing, you’re open to trying so many things that it’s hard to remain consistent. And that’s going to make it harder for your customers to trust you.

Digital marketers can help you establish your brand and make sure it’s consistent throughout all of your platforms. The more consistent your brand voice is with your marketing, the easier it is for your customers to trust you.


Next to consistency, communication is key in business.

Knowing how to communicate with your customers is crucial. Let’s say you’re a lawyer and you just opened your own law firm.

If you want to easily lose your clients’ interest, speak legalese to them.

When someone’s in a car accident, they don’t care about the elements of negligence – even though they should. It could affect their case, and that’s where a digital marketer can help you.

A digital marketer can take your legal knowledge and explain it in a way that is relatable to your clients.

Think of a digital marketer as the bridge between you and your clients. You have someone who can express the right message to your clients in the most practical manner.

Flexible Digital Marketing Strategy

The ABC’s of digital marketing aren’t the only benefits that digital marketers bring to your business.

Digital marketers have the ability to create a flexible digital marketing strategy for your business.

There are so many online advertising opportunities for your business through digital marketing. You can use emails, social media posts, content marketing, and SEO to promote your business.

This allows you to have fun with your marketing strategy. The more options you have to market your business, the greater your reach.

For every online avenue, there’s a digital marketer who specializes in it. This means that you don’t have to guess about the right marketing strategy or keep up with the latest SEO trends.

You have an expert who can keep track of that information and adjust to the latest updates.

Increasing Conversion Rates

If you’re having trouble converting your page viewers to clients or customers, a digital marketer can fix that problem for you.

Copywriting is a skill where the right message is targeted to the right audience. Would it be nice if everyone who visited your website purchased your product or booked you for your service? Yeah.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. That’s why you want your website to reach the right audience.

 A digital marketer can keep track of the content that appeals to your customers and refine it with the right message.

The more catered your content is to your ideal customer, the easier it will be to convert to high-quality leads.

Measurable Results

With traditional marketing strategies, it’s hard to measure whether the strategies are effective.

With digital marketers, you have the chance to track the results of your content on a day-to-day basis. You can determine which types of content your customers are responding to best.

There are several ways that digital marketers can measure the results of your content, from page views to shares and the time spent on the page.

Instead of wasting time figuring out which method is best for your business, digital marketers can track the results on different platforms and adjust accordingly.

Even-Level Playing Field

With a digital marketer, you have the same marketing abilities as Amazon and other large companies.

You may not be able to pay for the same traditional advertisements as Amazon or Walmart, but online you have the same level playing field.

All you need is a digital marketer who is skilled in content creation and SEO and you can reach your audience.

The right blog post and SEO tactics can help you reach your customers faster than Amazon in some cases.

Targeting Your Key Clients Or Customers

Think of a digital marketer like an archer.

They have the skillset necessary to cater your marketing so that it directly connects to your customers.

Digital marketers know how to identify and deliver the right message to your customers. Instead of hoping that your ad or content reaches the right people, digital marketers can use the right strategies to guarantee that your customers receive the intended message.

As you can see, the marketing possibilities are endless with a digital marketer. Regardless of what business you’re running, making a connection with your audience is very important.

Why not work with someone who is skilled in building connections between groups of people?

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Have you worked with a digital marketer before? Share your experience in the comments below.

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