I’m sure if someone asked who would like to make money in their sleep, everyone’s hands would go up.

As an e-commerce business owner, you are closer to that reality than you think.

It’s cool to have an online business where your customers can purchase your products at any time. But what if your customers have questions about your products that you can’t answer at the moment?

What if there’s just one thing that stops your customer from purchasing your product?

These are the situations that can be resolved through your product descriptions.

Why Your Product Descriptions Are Important

We all know what product descriptions are. They are the deciding factor between whether we buy something or leave it in our digital carts.

As an e-commerce business owner, your product descriptions can do so much for your sales.

They can help convince your customers to take action. Many customers hesitate to purchase a product when they don’t know what the product does or how it benefits them.

The more your product description answers these questions for your customers, the more likely your customer is to buy your product.

A good product description can tell a story, enhance a product’s benefits, and draw a connection between the benefits and the customer’s pain.

You want product descriptions that are so good that your customers have no choice but to click Add To Cart. Here are some ways that you can make money-making, unique product descriptions.

How To Make Your Product Descriptions Work For You

Before writing your product descriptions, there is one important factor that you always want to consider: your target audience.

You want to approach your product descriptions from the mind of your customers. You want to think about the type of customer who would like your product, why they would be interested in buying this product, and how your product can make their life easier.

With your audience in mind, here are the following tips that you can use to make your product descriptions stand out.

Don’t Write The Same Descriptions

One common mistake e-commerce business owners make is writing the same product descriptions for different products.

Each of your products is unique. And that’s why each product description should be unique.

If you use the same words and phrases to describe different products, your customers will take note. You’re communicating that there’s nothing special about your products, so why should they go out of their way to buy them?

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

Another mistake you want to avoid is focusing on your product’s features and not their benefits.

When it comes to a product, customers care about one thing: how that product makes their life better.

If customers don’t know how your product’s features can solve their problem, why would they care?

If you’re going to mention your product’s features, you need to connect them to your customers’ pain points. You need to explain the benefits that your product’s features can create for your customers.

Your product description should speak to the value that your product will add to your customer’s life.

Use Relatable Words With Your Customers

When writing your product descriptions, you want to make sure that the words and phrases you use are aligned with your brand voice.

Keeping a consistent brand voice in your product descriptions helps establish credibility with your audience.

You also want to use words and phrases that are relatable to your audience. A great piece of advice is writing a product description as if your customer is right in front of you.

You also want to appeal to your customers’ senses. Using sensory words like “earthy” and “sweetness” are better than using the phrases “great quality” and “awesome design.”

These are the words that open up your customers’ imagination and take them on a journey.

Get Into Storytelling

Speaking of taking your customers on a journey, you want to tell a story with your product descriptions.

If it’s one thing customers look for in a product, it’s transformation.

Customers want to know how your product can transform their life.

What better way to showcase a transformation than telling a story?

Storytelling allows you to explain your customers’ problems and how your product can fix them. It’s one of the tools that will stick with your customer long after they have purchased your product.

Captivating Images

Just as important as the words you use, you want to include the most alluring visuals with your products.

Your online customers shop with their eyes. Depending on what you sell, your customers will have questions about what your product looks like or how it would look.

The more visuals you can include of your product, the more answers you can provide for your customers.

If there is a way for you to include video of your products, even better.

Visuals and audios enhance the experience for your customers.

Avoid simple errors

Your product description is your product’s first impression to your customers.

What type of impression are you making with misspelled words and grammatical errors?

Even if there is an informal tone in your product descriptions, you want to make sure that they are as professional as possible.

You also want to confirm that your product descriptions are free of any fluff words.

All of the words in your product descriptions should explain the product’s benefits and not include unnecessary words to reach a certain word count.

You want to make sure that each word is creative enough to grab your customers’ attention.

When you follow these tips while writing your product descriptions, the money will continue to flow – whether you are sleeping or not.

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As an e-commerce business owner, how do you feel about product descriptions? Do you love writing them?

If you are a consumer, how do you feel about product descriptions?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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