As a lawyer, there are so many responsibilities that you are responsible for.

You have to keep up with each of your clients’ deadlines, advise your clients, and settle legal disputes.

You know what you don’t have to do? Market yourself online.

Unfortunately, this is the one skill that can affect your law firm going forward.

Even though most clients are online and use the internet to make their most important decisions, lawyers do not have a long-term marketing strategy.

They only think about marketing themselves for new clients on a case-by-case basis.

This type of thinking when it comes to your marketing strategy is going to harm your business in the long run.

Content Writers To The Rescue!  

You may think as a lawyer that you don’t need to worry about having a strong online presence. This wrong way of thinking is why you will continue to have problems finding clients.

Having a strong online presence can make you appear more relatable to your clients.

It’s already hard enough to relate to your clients when they find your field to be confusing. When you can’t connect with your clients, you can say goodbye to any future business.

You know the perfect group of people who can help with your online marketing strategy?

Content writers.

Content writers are the perfect people to help with your online marketing needs.

You need to be able to appear more relatable to your clients and that is exactly what content writers do with their expertise.

They use their writing to communicate the right points to the right people.

Marketing yourself online can be so much easier when you narrow down who you’re marketing to.

Here are 5 authentic ways that content writers help increase your online presence.

Social Media Posts

Maybe you have a love-hate relationship with social media. You wouldn’t be the only one.

But you need to know the best way to market yourself on different social media platforms.

The same content you write on Instagram would not be the same content that you post on YouTube.

Whatever social media platforms you use, you need to know the right type of content that is effective on each platform.

You also want to make sure that your brand voice remains the same on each platform.

Content writers can write social media posts that help you reach this happy medium. They can write social media posts that your audience finds engaging and help you appear professional and relatable.

Website Content

Content writers can also write blog posts or articles on your law firm’s website.

Creating this type of content helps express your credibility to your future clients. The blog posts that content writers create for you can establish your credibility to your clients.

The great content that’s added to your website can lower the bounce rates on your website. Readers are more prone to stick around based on the great content that’s on your site.

If you have different blog posts about different practice areas, that can also help to increase your business in the search engines.


Even with your current clients, you want to make sure that you remain in touch with them whether they need your legal services or not.

That’s why you should consider creating a newsletter for your clients.

Whether you want to send them out weekly or monthly, newsletters are a great way to market your services and keep in touch with your clients.

A content writer can include information about a particular practice area or information about your most successful settlement or verdict.

Even better, newsletters can be issued to your clients through their email addresses.

If you feel apprehensive about reaching out to your clients, newsletters are a great way for you to remind your clients about your services without them feeling smothered by you.

This can be really helpful in case your past clients want to refer their family members or friends to you.

Attorney Profiles

Content writers can also help you create the most authentic attorney profile for your website.

You may look at your attorney profile as an extension of your resume; and that is where you’re wrong.

Your attorney profile is another way for you to relate to your clients. While you want to appear professional, your clients want to know that they’re being represented by a real person.

Content writers can create attorney profiles that are both professional and relatable.

You’ll be able to appear as the legal professional that you are while showing your clients your passion.

Instead of having the same boring attorney profile that your colleagues have, content writers can make your attorney profile unique and memorable for your clients.

Landing Pages

Even though your business is on the internet and literally open to the entire world, chances are you want to be seen by the clients in your local area.

That is why your landing pages are so important.

Creating landing pages in various cities and states on your website will help increase your website’s traffic and expose you to the local residents.

For each practice area, a content writer can create a landing page for that particular city.

These landing pages make it easier for residents in that specific area to find you when they type their city in the search engine.

Think about how much easier it will be for Baltimore clients to find you if you have a landing page titled “Baltimore car accident lawyer.”

Content writers can develop the best landing pages for your website. Legal content writers in particular have the best combination of legal expertise and relatability.

They can write landing pages that inform your clients of the legal knowledge that they need to know. They can also make sure that your landing pages are engaging and answer your clients’ concerns.

Honestly, content writers are godsends for lawyers, cybersecurity companies, and any type of company really.

They can take care of your online marketing needs while you focus on your profession.

To learn more about how writers can benefit your business, check out my blog post on copywriters and how they can help your business.

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As a lawyer, how do you feel about hiring writers to help with your marketing needs?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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