Congratulations! You’ve created a website for your law firm. You’ve separated yourself from other lawyers.

Or have you?

Creating a website is great. But what’s equally important is the content that you include on your website.

Any business or professional with an online presence knows how crucial content is.

The content you provide on your website can make all the difference between whether clients choose you to represent their legal needs or not. That’s why you want to make sure that your content is relevant and relatable to your clients.

If you don’t want to include the same old, same old content on your website, you’re not alone. That’s the name of the game for all lawyers. You want content that is not only relevant but unique enough to hold your clients’ attention.

If you’re having issues thinking about what type of content to include on your law firm’s website, here are some suggestions.

Blog Posts

If you want to inform your clients about how certain topics in the news affect them, put it in a blog post.

They can help increase your SEO rankings in the search engines and demonstrate your knowledge to your potential clients. They also add to your credibility in your practice area.

Blog posts are the type of content that benefit your clients and your website.

When it comes to your blog posts, you want to be as unique as possible. Instead of writing blog posts about car accidents, you want to think about centering the post about a particular type of car accident, like a multi-vehicle pile up on a specific highway.

If your clients were unfortunately involved in this accident, this blog post can directly introduce them to you.

Educational Videos

Another type of content you can include are educational videos.

Let’s be honest. Humans are visual creatures. It’s more likely that you can grab and maintain a person’s attention through visual aids.

This is great for you because you can create an educational video centered around your practice area.

The videos you include don’t have to be the length of motion pictures. A simple one minute or two minute video explaining your point will work.

Educational videos are a great way to entertain your clients while educating them of your practice area. If you want to include a few seconds in the video to promote your law firm, all the better.


Another type of content that gives you the best of both worlds are infographics.

Infographics are one of the most popular types of content for a reason.

According to SMA Marketing, people are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than an article.

Infographics can help you explain complex topics with the help of visual aids.

There are several ways that you can use an infographic to your advantage. If you want to explain a new law to your potential clients, use an infographic.

If you want to break down any complex information and make it easier for your clients to understand (which is what most lawyers struggle with), use an infographic.

If there are important points that you want your potential clients to remember, put it in an infographic.

You can use infographics to share specific information on legal issues, introduce your attorney profile to your potential clients, and share any successful verdicts or settlements.

FAQ Pages

FAQ Pages are another source of great content you can place on your website.

As lawyers, a page answering specific questions about your practice area helps you in so many ways.

FAQ pages can help answer some of the common questions that your potential clients may have.

The types of questions you provide answers for can help establish your credibility in more ways than one.

These pages can help your potential clients depend on you for legal expertise. FAQ pages can also increase your website’s SEO rankings, especially if you use long-tail keywords.

Your FAQ pages can also help with your clients’ user experience. Instead of surfing through multiple pages and getting frustrated, your clients will know which page to specifically find what they are looking for.

Resource Center Pages

Another type of content you may want to consider are resource center pages.

Depending on your practice area, you can provide a resource center that caters to your potential clients’ needs.

Let’s say one of your practice areas are car accidents. You can provide resources to legitimate car accident legal funding companies on your resource center page.

You can also use your resource center page to introduce your potential clients to other forms of content.

You can include case studies, whitepapers, and even newsletters on your resource center page.

You can use your resource center page to introduce your other forms of content to your clients.

Testimonials Page

Another crucial way to build credibility on your website is to include a Testimonials page.

As lawyers, you know how important results are. So do your potential clients.

Even outside of law, how many times do we check reviews before we make a purchase or schedule an appointment with a certain business?

Your potential clients will use the same methods to determine whether to contact you for their legal needs.

That’s why your testimonials page is important.

You want to make sure that your testimonials are genuine and cast you in a positive light.

The more positive your reviews, the more likely your clients want to do business with you.

If you want to include links to other positive online reviews on your page, that can also help.

Put Your Clients’ Needs First

The type of content that you include on your website matters.

Putting one or several of these types of content on your website can help your law firm stand out in a positive way.

Regardless of what type of content you include, you always want to create it with your clients’ needs in mind.

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Do you know some other types of content that lawyers can include on their websites?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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