Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the ability to control the minds of your customers? Don’t get me wrong. You don’t want to do anything illegal. You only want them to do something simple, like pay for that product on your website instead of just leaving it in the cart.

As an e-commerce business owner, you understand that convincing customers to buy your product will not be easy. However, there are better and more authentic ways to convince your customers to take action.

That action does not always mean a sale. Maybe you want your customers to sign up for your email list. Maybe you want your products described in a way that your customers will purchase it just from the description alone. Maybe you want your customers to follow your social media pages so they can be aware of any future pop-up sales.

Copywriters To The Rescue

The best way to convince your customers to take action is to express to them how your product helps solve their specific problem. How can you convey that message in a way that is authentic and lets your customer know that you care? Well, that is where a copywriter comes in.

Copywriters are one of the most underrated experts that an e-commerce business owner can rely on. One of the main roles of a copywriter is to design written copy that is used to persuade a person to take action. That action can be to subscribe, purchase a product, or sign up to receive a newsletter.

How can a copywriter help your e-commerce business? Here are 5 specific ways:

Establish Your Brand

A copywriter can help you identify your target audience. You may think to yourself, Well, everyone is my target audience. While you want all eyes on your website, you want to specifically pinpoint who your product or service is for and how your product or service will help them.

Once your target audience is identified, you then want to know how to relate to them. How to speak to their pain points. Creating your own brand voice is one way that makes it easier for you to relate to your audience. You want to create your own brand voice with the needs of your customers in mind.

A copywriter can help you develop the brand voice that your e-commerce business needs. Creating a brand voice helps you consistently relate to your audience and helps you stand out from other businesses. Copywriters can design the best words and phrases that align with your brand voice on all platforms.

Tell A Story

Copywriters can also use brand storytelling to help you relate to your audience. Everyone wants to be told a great story, from young children to the elderly. Storytelling is one of the most authentic ways to convey a message to people.

Instead of looking at your business as just another random website, brand storytelling can help you appear more personal to your customers.

One element of copywriting is the ability to keep someone’s attention with your words. Copywriters can write a story about your company and your brand that helps express the value that you can provide to your customers. All in your authentic voice.

Write Different Forms of Copy

Whether it is your website copy or your product descriptions, you want every type of written content to be consistent with your brand voice. If your brand voice reads one way on your website, and another way on your social media posts, customers can pick up on that. It also makes it harder for them to trust you.

Copywriters can write the different forms of copy that you don’t even consider, like:

  • Emails
  • Product descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • About pages
  • Contact pages
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Banner copy

Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

One of the greatest superpowers that copywriters have is the ability to grab a person’s attention with their words. This is another way that they can help your e-commerce business.

Maybe you don’t know how to express a certain message to your customers. That is alright. Skilled copywriters know the right types of messages to convey to the right types of audiences.

One of the best ways that copywriters convey a certain message is by using attention-grabbing headlines. Let’s be real. Many people will decide whether they will continue to read something based on the headlines.

Copywriters know that, and that is why they work on creating the most attention-grabbing headlines for different types of copy.

Share Your Product’s Benefits  

Last but certainly not least, copywriters can help highlight whatever benefits your product(s) offer your customers. Your packaging can be nice, your website can be beautiful, and you can design your product by hand. Unfortunately, customers don’t care about any of that.

They only care about how your product can help them.

No matter what type of written copy you need, copywriters can describe the specific benefits of your product in a way that convinces customers that they need this product in their life.

One mistake that e-commerce business owners make is describing the product’s features. Customers don’t care about the features of a product unless there is a benefit attached to it that can solve their problem.

Copywriters know how to describe the right benefits that your target audience are interested in and can write those benefits in your product descriptions.

As an e-commerce business owner, you want to continue to invest into your business. One of the best investments that you can make is to hire the services of a copywriter. Working with a copywriter can help with your marketing needs, a skill that all businesses need to be successful.

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