A couple of months ago, I had the chance to interview my brother Rodney Johnson, who goes by his stage name OGB. Last week, our interview was published in Urban Sentinel’s September issue!

There was a time where I couldn’t even see myself writing for a living, let alone having one of my articles published in a magazine. But ever since becoming a Freelance Writer, I’ve been blessed to write content and meet some amazing people whose paths I wouldn’t have crossed. And it all started because someone took a chance on me and gave me an amazing opportunity.

Being introduced to Urban Sentinel

I was first introduced to Urban Sentinel in November of 2020. At that time, I was cold pitching to various agencies and just trying to get my first writing gig. One day I received message from Reginald Kearney, the CEO of Urban Sentinel magazine. After discussing the writing schedule, I had secured my first writing gig!

Great articles

Out of all of the magazines that I could have started out with, I am glad that I started writing with Urban Sentinel. While figuring out what I wanted to do with my freelance writing business, I always wanted to use my writing skills to help Black owned businesses – and that is specifically what Urban Sentinel is all about.

In a day and age where all forms of media do nothing but spew negative messages about Black artists and businesses, Urban Sentinel is a breath of fresh air. With each page, you’re introduced to an up and coming business, some helpful business tips, unique artists, freelancing tips, and a balanced take on what is going on in the business world.

Awesome writers

Even if I wasn’t writing for the magazine, I would still be subscribed to it. I may be biased, but I don’t care. Urban Sentinel has some of the best writers with the best articles written monthly and bimonthly. If you’re into the beauty industry or makeup, you should read the articles written by Olympia Kent, whose a freelance makeup artist. If you’re into leadership development, read the articles written by Ambassador Dr. Anita Davis DeFoe. If you just want some inspiration and a reminder that you were made for so much more in life, read this amazing article called “Forged In The Fire: This Is What I Was Made For” by Blaise Hunter. After reading that article, you’re going to feel like a true warrior ready to tackle life.

If you’re an artist or an entrepreneur who is not reading Urban Sentinel, stop playing yourself and click on the link below to subscribe to urbansentinelmagazine.com.


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