When it comes to digital marketing, lawyers want the same thing. They want their websites to be the first result on a search results page.

And to do that requires a little bit of strategy.

No, that doesn’t mean that you need to stuff your blog posts or FAQ pages with keywords. But you do need a piece of content on your website that shows everyone what you are about.

Content that clearly defines your law firm’s brand and expertise.

That’s where cornerstone content comes in.

Learn more about what cornerstone content is and how it can help increase the SEO rankings for your law firm’s website.

What is Cornerstone Content?

Cornerstone content is the most critical piece of content for a website. Think of it as your website’s staple piece. This is the piece or pieces of content that show visitors what your brand is all about.

Some examples of cornerstone content could be:

  • A blog post explaining the process for filing a car accident claim
  • FAQ pages that contain the most common questions about the divorce process
  • A video discussing general information about a dog bite attack
  • A blog post that explains the most common premises liability accidents.

Many lawyers create informative blog posts and articles about their areas of practice and use them as cornerstone content.

Adding cornerstone content to a website is a common method for digital marketers to increase their rankings in the search engines.

Why is Cornerstone Content Important?

Including cornerstone content on your website can help your law firm’s website in many ways.

It can be used to establish you as a leading expert in a particular field. How many lawyers specialize in product liability accidents? Not just in your particular state, but also outside of it?

How can you make it easier for clients to locate your law firm’s website amongst thousands and thousands of other websites? With your cornerstone content.

You can create informative blog posts that cover everything there is to know about your practice area. This content can be used as a focal point on your landing page and help your website rank high for competitive topics.

Whenever someone searches for information on a particular area, your cornerstone content will be used as a reference.

Benefits of Cornerstone Content

So, what are the benefits of using cornerstone content?

Increased Website Traffic

Incorporating cornerstone content can enhance keyword and SEO rankings. The higher your SEO rankings, the more traffic directed to your website.

You can also increase the traffic to your website by adding high-quality backlinks to your content. These are links from the page of another website that connect to another page on another website.

The more backlinks a website page has, the greater potential for high organic search rankings.

These methods can help increase the organic search results for your website.

Established Brand Authority

Your cornerstone content can also help build your credibility in your practice area.

Cornerstone content is geared towards providing insightful and relevant information for your audience. The more information that you provide about a particular area, the more helpful your audience will find your content.

New visitors to your website will have more confidence in your expertise. You can even continue to add new information to your content to add value to your current audience.

If your cornerstone content contains any backlinks, you can provide even more help for your audience, making your law firm more credible.

Strategic Content Marketing

Cornerstone content can also help bring guidance to your content marketing strategy.

With cornerstone content, the possibilities are endless. Let’s say that you create an informative blog post on product liability accidents. From there, you can build other topics centered around that one piece.

You can come up with different topics like:

  • Defective baby products
  • Vehicle recalls
  • Product liability accidents in your state
  • The different types of defects in products.

These topics can provide enough content for your website over the next few weeks.

Increased Value For Clients

Another key benefit of cornerstone content is the value that it provides your audience.

When it comes to legal matters, many people are new to the process. At best, their only interaction is paying for a parking ticket.

Even people who are facing criminal charges are unfamiliar with their rights. That’s why online platforms like Nolo and Legal Match are so popular.

Visitors can view your cornerstone content in the same light as these platforms. Instead of frequenting these sites, they can reference your blog posts and landing pages.

The more information that you can provide in your cornerstone content, the more value you can provide your audience.

Final Thoughts

Adding a piece or several pieces of cornerstone content can breathe new life into your law firm’s website.

It can help build brand awareness for your law firm. It can establish your knowledge and expertise on your practice area. It can help boost your website’s search engine rankings organically and connect you to a new audience.

For more tips on creating unique content for your website, check out my blog post Need Some Content For Your Law Firm’s Website? Here are 6 Unique Options – Valeria Publications.

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