I think we’re all pretty tired of hearing about AI. I know I am, for many reasons.

But the main reason is because of a possibility that’s not going to happen.

Content writers have this irrational fear about being replaced by AI. For what, I don’t know.

If you understand what you bring to the table as a content writer, you wouldn’t even think of competing against an AI software.

There’s many reasons why you shouldn’t worry about being replaced by an AI. But here are the top 5.

Creating An Authentic Connection

Have you ever wanted to curse out those machines that handle customer service issues? Wouldn’t you rather take your chances and speak to an actual person?


It’s something about interacting with another person that a piece of technology can’t duplicate.

No matter what content you’re writing, you’re establishing an authentic connection with another human being. Putting yourself in the shoes of the other person is what content creation is all about.

As long as you continue to find creative ways to do that, you’ll be fine.

Staying Fresh And Innovative

In fact, staying fresh and innovative is another advantage you have against any AI software.

I don’t care how quickly some piece of software can write content. If that content is just like everything else on the Internet, what’s the point?

Being generic is the worst thing that can happen to any online business. It’s like begging your audience to just ignore your content.

That’s where you shine as a content writer. Your creativity is limitless.

There’s so many ways for you to keep your content fresh and engaging for your audience. Working with other content creators can introduce you to a larger audience and extend your reach.

Equally important, staying creative can help you create more engaging copy, which is another one of your advantages.

Creating Engaging Content

Your audience wants more from your content than just interesting statistics.

They want to engage with it in some fashion. And unlike AI, there are so many ways that you can make that happen.

You can include a comment section or a testimonial page. Anything that gives your audience the chance to present feedback for your content.

Giving your audience the chance to feel heard is another way to establish a deep, personal connection. That’s something that, again, an AI wouldn’t even think of doing.

Knowing what your audience wants and needs is crucial for content creation. The more opportunities you provide for your audience to engage with your content, the more insight you can gain.

Telling A Story

Another way to immerse your audience into your content is by telling a story.

Without a doubt, storytelling is another skillset that will make your content more human to your audience. When you tell a story, you personalize your brand.

You’re being transparent with your people and sharing your values.

Even sharing your setbacks can inspire people. Everyone has had a setback or two, and everyone loves to hear about someone who overcame theirs.

Storytelling is also another way to authentically connect with your audience. Believe it or not, readers can tell the difference between an automated story and a story from the heart.

And in regards to speaking from the heart…

Adding Emotion Into Your Content

You want to consistently add a piece of your personality in each piece of your content.

The days of throwing fluffy content at readers is over. Do you know how many blog posts, social media posts, and images your readers come across?

It’s more important for you to create content that moves your audience, that makes them feel something. The feeling that your content causes is what your audience will remember.

Fulfilling your audience’s needs is another way to add a human element to your content. Addressing your audience’s needs is a great way to establish trust between you and them.

Another way that you can make your content more human is by speaking like a human! When creating content, it’s easy to forget that we’re connecting with other people.

Because we specialize in certain niches, we can sometimes slip up and use the industry’s jargon. But using that jargon can turn our audience off from our content.

Using relatable language can help create content that’s both informative and entertaining for your audience.

Final Thoughts

Continue to use your personality and relatability in your content. The more you do, the less you’ll be worried about being replaced by an AI.

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