From November of 2020, I’ve been fortunate to write for an amazing magazine called The Urban Sentinel.

Urban Sentinel is a magazine based out of Waldorf, Maryland. It contains positive and uplifting stories about entrepreneurship in the Black community. You get to read about the most interesting artists and entrepreneurs in the D.C. – Maryland – Virginia area, and accomplishments made by Black entrepreneurs nationwide.

I’ve been privileged to highlight so many business and legal topics, from the abolishment of the Death Penalty in Virginia to the lives of careers of civil rights leaders T.R.M. Howard and Ruby Hurley.

Take a glimpse of some of the articles that I’ve written for Urban Sentinel below.

Virginia’s Decision To Kill The Death Penalty

In this article, I discuss Virginia’s decision to abolish the Death Penalty and shed light on one of the most unjust executions that occurred in Virginia: the execution of the Martinsville Seven.

Monthly Issue

March 2021

A Tribute To Booker Wright

In this article, I discuss the life of Booker Wright, an entrepreneur in Mississippi whose courageous scene in a documentary exposed the truth of what life was really like for Black residents in Mississippi.

Monthly Issue

August 2021

Loving On Black Broadway: An Ode To U Street

Many people don’t understand how special U Street is and its historical contributions to Washington, D.C. This article is a love letter to U Street that shares its rich beginnings, its cultural influence, and its contributions to Black businesses.

Monthly Issue

June and July 2021

The Combahee Ferry Raid: One Of Harriet Tubman’s Missions To Freedom

This article pays homage to Harriet Tubman and highlights a mission that very few people know about. This mission was The Combahee Ferry Raid, a military operation led by Harriet Tubman that resulted in the freedom of 700 slaves.

Monthly Issue

January 2022

Wally Amos: A True Entrepreneur

In this article, I pay homage to Wally Amos, an entrepreneur who became famous for his creation of Famous Amos cookies. Wally’s journey into entrepreneurship is explored, as well as how he overcame his legal issues with maintaining his intellectual property.

Monthly Issue

May 2021

OGB: The DMV Artist With Revolution In His Genes

This is an interview that I conducted with my brother who is a DMV Artist. Known as OGB, Rodney Johnson is a rapper and spoken-word artist out of the DMV area. I discuss his beginnings as a rapper, his inspiration behind his albums, his thoughts on mainstream rap, and how it feels to go against the grain and follow your own path.

Monthly Issue

August 2022

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