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Welcome to my Portfolio Page! Here, you’ll find the different types of content I’ve written for law firms, publishing companies, fiction authors, and screenwriters.

The samples will be separated by client.   

Law Firms

I’ve been fortunate to ghostwrite landing pages and blog posts for several law firms.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Legal Page

This is a landing page that I’ve written last year for Fleysher Law. It is a Bankruptcy landing page that breaks down the entire process for their clients.

The Importance Of Pre-Marital Agreements

This is a blog post I’ve written for the Epperson Law Group about pre-marital agreements. It discusses the legal benefits that come with pre-marital agreements and how they can help the law firm’s clients.

Augusta Uber Accident Lawyer

This is a landing page I’ve written for John Foy & Associates in August of this year. It is a local landing page for victims of Uber accidents in Augusta, Georgia.

Birth Injuries

This is a blog post that discusses the detrimental effects that birth injuries have on mother, father, and baby.

Publishing Companies

These are a few blog posts I’ve ghostwritten for clients about different companies.

Is Your E-commerce Marketing Strategy Effective?

In this blog post, I write about the different types of effective marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses.

How To Handle Debt From Starting An E-commerce Business

This is a blog post about the benefits paying off debts for e-commerce business owners and the different ways that debts can be handled.

The Psychology Behind Subscription Services

This blog post discusses why subscription services are so appealing to customers and how they can help e-commerce businesses.

Staying Relevant In An Evolving Economy

This blog post explains how the manufacturing industry and the oil industry can stay relevant in today’s economy.

Fiction Authors

Since June of this year, I’ve written articles on Medium about experiences that business writers and creative writers can relate to.

How Becoming A Freelance Writer Saved My Life

How Becoming a Freelance Writer Saved My Life | by Brandee Johnson | Medium

This is the first article I published on Medium. I discuss how my life was prior to freelance writing and what led me to becoming the writer I am today.

3 Methods I Use To Write Faster

In this article, I discuss 3 methods that I’ve used to help become a faster writer.

4 Steps To Get You Back Into Creative Writing

In this article, I explain 4 practical steps that writers can use to get back into creative writing.

They Say Cold Pitching Works, But Does It?

In this article, I explain the ways that writers can make cold pitching work for them, and share my own personal experience with cold pitching.

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